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How do I make an Alliance?

Daniel and Nate

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Henry: Not exactly helping him are you? If one got nohing of worth to contribute that might help the person posting a question, just stay silent.

Here's what I thought of:

Starting an alliance

From a noob to a noob

I have tried twice now to start an alliance, i can say honestly now that i failed miserably both times. I once believed that all there was to building an alliance was to simply have a name, forum, charter and to have your main government positions filled. That belief could not be further from the truth. Yes having a name, forum, charter, irc channel, and the government filled is a must. It is only one in many steps that need to be taken to have a successful alliance.

The name is probably the first major decision faced when starting an alliance. So when choosing a name, it should be both professional (The first thing other alliances are going to notice about you is your name, many don't admit it, however the first thing the book is judged by is it's cover). Because of the current political landscape of planet bob, many new nations and even those who have been around for a while and stoned with alliance offers, each offering some variation of the same thing. So your name also has to be appealing (Something that just screams join me!)

The forum is next, it is not as big a decision as the name, but its important to know what your doing when making your forum. It is after all the place where members and diplomats alike will come to discuss the issues of the day. (Organization is a good thing to have, as well as a strong spam team, while spam may not sound important it gives new members something to do, as well as keeps them coming to the forum.)

An alliance Charter can make or break the alliance. It's also important to have more than just the founders opinions weighed in on the charter, wright a general code of conduct, until an alliance gets to about 20 to 25 members, at that point start discussing and debating what the alliance stands for, what it is for and aginst, how the current members want things to be ran (The collective conscience has a better understanding of the collective shadow than one person.)

The Irc channel is really not that important, however it does make things run much smoother. Helping with both direct communication, and getting to know your members, as well as the other alliances of the cyberverse.

Filling your Government positions, many people when starting an alliance will put their friends into places of power that, they are not suited for simply because the are friends. This could turn out to be the worst mistake you make in your alliance. Government positions require a great deal of work, (Just because you are good friends does not mean that they would be great at the foreign affairs of the alliance.) In many cases people like to put them selves into positions of power they have no place being in (Just because you started the alliance does not mean that you are best suited for a specific position.) It is OK for the founder and starting nations to run the alliance at the start, but it is advised that once the charter has been written, which should be at about 20 to 25 members, that elections be held for the government rolls in the alliance.

One major point about starting an alliance that must be remembered is that things will come along that were never expected that will happen, when these things occur the alliance must be willing and able to over come them, if it cant than the alliance was doomed to fail.

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Get some friends to help you too, its a lot of work.

Very True.

The guide from noob to noob is very helpful. I won't reiterate what is so eloquently covered there, but I will expand on a few points:

The Charter: don't be afraid to experiment. My alliance, for example, wrote up a charter when we started. It became quickly apparent that the Charter we drafted was actually preventing us from growing or reaching goals that we had set. Take a look at Charters of established alliances (and I'm not suggesting my alliance is established) and see what has come before you.

But don't be afraid to experiment. Just make sure you put an amendment procedure in any Charter you create, and if necessary, through experience, you'll find out what works and what doesn't work. Don't be afraid to get rid of portions that don't really work or are helpful to your alliance. Often, alliances become invested in their charters, including provisions that don't help, because of all the effort that went in to drafting it and getting it approved.

Sometimes the failures teach you more than the successes - and in my alliance's experience, it required a re-write from scratch. I fully believe it may require another rewrite in the future.

Ultimately, building an alliance requires a mindset that 'this is a process.' You will undergo growing pains, but if you anticipate it, it's easier to get through.

And you may want to ask yourself: "why am I building an alliance?" If the answer to that question is "I don't know" then you may be better off in an established alliance until you can answer the foregoing question.

Either way, best of luck to you, and if you have any further questions, feel free to PM me and I'll try to answer, or maybe direct you to someone who can.

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Honestly, the quickest way to make an alliance, is to make up a name, create your own board.

And for the charter, write:

"What I say goes"

(anything to that persuasion ^^^)

There alot of autocratic alliances that have a charter essentially like that.

Now I'm not saying people will want to join, but it's an easy way to found a new alliance.

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