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Order of Feudalistic Security


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Gday mates, I wanted to take just a bit o time to tell you about my alliance. The Order of Feudalistic Security has been my alliance for 115 days and I have never been in such a great alliance. Upon arrival I was accepted into their groups, they helped me find a trade circle with the bonuses I wanted, and they gave me a one million dollar signing bonus. (I just found out I have the day off. WOOT!) Anyway... They are a great alliance and offer much protection and helped me get out of a ZI war. There is also room for improvement within the OFS. If I were to recruit people my rank would go up (Which is kinda why I am telling you this). There is also the option of becoming a diplomat or a recruiter, the list goes on-- I just can't remember them all...

Well, sorry for rambling like that, I do hope you will check out the forum made for our members: http://ofs.ipbfree

See ya round mates!


I'll be waiting

With hostages! :jihad:

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