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i am looking for a new alliance


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You are looking for the United Purple Nations!!!!! Look NO further!!!!! Here's the link...


You also get 1 million in aid, in addition to constant tech deals!!!!!! Plus, you get to tech raid like you want!!!!!!!! See you in the forum...

Queen Elizabeth X UPN Minister of Recruitment

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Ok... You will get all these guys/girls coming to you saying WE ARE THE ONE YOU WANT - JOIN US! Thing is you need to decide who you want to join, I could recruit you but then you wouldn't really decide.

Just if you are looking for an alliance which counts you as an equal and wants you to do well - we are that alliance - The Revolution!


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one that allows tech raiding and has at least 50 members

United Commonwealth of Nations. 85 nations, and we allow tech raiding if you apply for a permit first. Permits are always granted. We do the permit system so we can keep track of who is raiding who and to make sure people know not to attack active alliance members. Forum link is in my siggy. :awesome:

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