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Every planet we reach is dying


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The corporation had slept for what felt like centuries, and it was time to reclaim their place on the globe and demonstrate their vital importance to a planet that was stuck on life support.


Controlling the media and medicine was fairly easy overall, just took a bit of money and effort along with the right bribes. Determining where to exist as a permanent society was far more difficult. For now the company simply invested in priority locations. Morocco, Panama, Egypt, and elsewhere.


The company simply adapted to the silence of the planet to absorb whatever better options they had beyond simply making a better product. Criminals were dealt with harshly for corporate territory, not for commiting the crime but simply being caught. Millions would follow the strange company that offered free housing and multitudes of assistance for just about any life experience they could experience.


Changing your life costs less than perhaps a year in another country, corporate territory had stipulations for doctors which allowed for constant visits as needed by anyone and beyond an extreme cyborg edit, which somebody beyond the company would need to pay, but the opposite end was private versions of whatever store you can imagine were just subsidized unless it is privately owned. All you have to do is make a certain deal with someone to get things a bit cheaper.


Now the real problem for this scenario is that once you work with outsiders you lost.  The organizations information was simply anyone who came to their territory. Minor territory was the plan but even making an official announcement is what was difficult.


Maybe shell accounts were enough but the focus was upon leadership of the organizations globally to find the secondary knowledge to make tattoos and permanent connections.


Another strange off red hardwood library at the top of 200 stories, another sad ending with even more back ups.

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Working this way with the company was very easy, should someone need to die it should not be explicit. A fall out a window, other various options, it could be turned into a different story. But any criminals who operated outside of the very specific guidelines were considered outlaws and left for the drones. 


Not all of them were so stupid but those who wished to rebel were often just bait for something else, and the drones could be fooled as well. Send a truck with heat signatures and armor away from your intended destination and perhaps a few vtols strafe what amounts to a very expensive RC cars drives away from $500k or worse in ammo and you also lost the target. Another rough day at the office.


South American gangs and Corporate contacts had some prior background. This timeline ruined the objective already so it was important to simply purchase the land privately to continue a mining operation in Naica. Left absent the waste of potential time hurt every day it was not utilized as a resource. The corporation needed their capitals back and the crystals would assist with restoring their timeline back to the strange real that was left.


The city of Lost Angels was the new light house for now, and any potential investment that could be found would be acted upon.

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