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Honoring Section 2 of Novus Ordo Seclorum, the combined forces of Oculus declare war on the New Polar Order in defense of the Dark Templar.


In the lead-up to the current global war, it was no secret that Polar's loyalties were divided. They held numerous treaties with both of the major power spheres, and they expressed conditional support for each sphere depending on the nature of the upcoming war. The member alliances of Oculus understood and respected Polar's right to hold those treaties and to pursue a unique foreign policy, and we worked before the war to understand their needs and listen to their concerns, the foremost of which was that they could not support the sphere that launched the first strike.


When FTW and NATO began the war, Polar's leadership admitted that they previously had been involved with earlier planning stages for it. However, they insisted that they had not been informed about or signed off on the war plans actually moving forward; they were furious that their friends in the enemy coalition had left them both hypocritical and out on a limb. Despite Polar's violations of Section 1 and Section 4 of our treaty, the member alliances of Oculus forgave these traitorous actions and agreed to welcome them back into the fold.


But, Polar remained a house divided. Those initial leaders were swiftly encouraged out of office, and new leaders took their place. These new leaders similarly affirmed Polar's commitment to Oculus, but they simultaneously restored their treaties with the enemy coalition and offered them peace. They took these actions without providing any warning to Oculus or other members of the coalition first. 


Despite this, the member alliances of Oculus remained steadfast in their support and understanding of Polar. We understood that the war had put them in a bad position, and we wanted to give the new leaders time to study up. As the war unfolded, we continued to take great pains to consider Polar's needs. We ignored certain entrants and countered others in selective ways to allow as much of Polar's sphere of influence to remain as intact as possible. 


Yet, the betrayals continued. A coup led to Polar's third government in less than a month, once again with no communication to their blocmates. And, once again, the member alliances of Oculus attempted to be kind, to understand the needs of Polar's membership and new leadership, and to move on. 


We did so even as Polar violated Section 2 of our treaty and ignored the attacks on the Viridian Entente. We did so even as Polar deliberately remained silent as the coalition planned how to counter VE's attackers and DBDC volunteered to help. We did so even as Polar declared war on DBDC in support of VE's attackers, pretending as though their hands had been forced when, in truth, they had had every opportunity to intervene proactively.


We worked hard to be good allies to Polar; Polar did not reciprocate. Ultimately, it was a relief when they dropped the mask and left.


In return for our patience, understanding, and care, Polar has stabbed us in the back yet again. As a parting gift, they have launched a seemingly unrelated and entirely baseless war of aggression against their former ally. 


Oculus has led the hegemony of this world for more than seven years because we do right by each other and our allies. It is evident that the New Polar Order has different values, and that they have mistaken our kindness for weakness. 


Polar has decided to take up residence with a den of jackals, and in time, they will all undoubtedly eat each other. In the meantime, however, we will enjoy demolishing them.


Senate and People of Oculus

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1 minute ago, Rhizoctonia said:

Lots of words to just declare war

Agreed. Not like we're blind not to know all the backstabbing Polar has been doing. Can't swim in two oceans at the same time. It never ends well. 

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RIP Oculus. You had a good run, my friends, but the active world has spoken. It's time for something new.
Try as you might, we won't let you bore us to death and now with Polar on our side, you have no hope at all.

o/ Polar
o/ The Pixel Shruggers

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33 minutes ago, The Warrior said:

In the meantime, however, we will enjoy demolishing them.

Lol come on, this is never going to happen and you know it. Oculus is barely statistically “winning” against the alliances it’s already fighting, and now the majority of your NS can’t touch Polar if they wanted to. That’s probably why you all have only managed 8 wars since this was posted, and your track record over the past few months doesn’t suggest that’s going to get much better.


I get it, you need to cling on to this idea that Oculus can curb stomp anyone who gets out of line, but that’s just not the reality anymore, and tbh I’m really going to enjoy watching Polaris help prove that. 

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“polars leadership admitted that they previously had been involved with earlier planning stages for it.”


This is my favorite part. 

Well that and the fact that this is even less nations you have to fail staggers with of course. See y’all in a few days, almost got my nukes back. 

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It's cute how you guys think you are the injured party here. 


FTW & NATO declared war on Doom Wolves, Squad, and Birds. Birds is not a member of Oculus. They are allied to Pacifica, sure, but they are not a member of Oculus. Don't let Polar's 1st administration going into this war deceive you. They knew what we were going to do. Then when we did it, they acted all surprised. They acted as though we had betrayed them. Oculus chose to be part of this war. If you didn't want to be part of it, you should not have joined it. 


Better alliances than you have tried to destroy Polar, guess what happened to them, Polar is still standing and they aren't. Polar > Oculus 

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