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Imperial Announcement - New Polar Order (my final)

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It seems that the previous administration, who plotted against Oc and Doom, only to come clean and cancel on NG, NATO, and FTW have gotten their wish. Grub and I are no longer gov.  It has been a fun run, and good luck to Sponge. 


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  A statement from the Polar Council.

To EaTeMuP and AlmightyGrub, first and foremost, we thank you for all of your contributions to Polaris over the years. Every emperor of our hallowed halls has provided something the alliance needed at some point during their tenure that no one else could provide during that time. Eatem, you took us out of the Doom War era and brought safety and security to the alliance when we didn’t have very many friends and plenty of enemies seeking our downfall. Grub, you steered the ship and guided us to prosperity during one of Polaris’s darkest hours. This alliance would not be here today without the work the two of you put in during your respective tenures as emperor, through good and bad. Unfortunately, these are not good times.

The previous Imperial Command cut ties with Non Grata,  after feeling their values did not match ours and that we could no longer be associated with that.

<sensitive content / allegations removed>

Due to the serious nature of our concerns on this matter, the Polar Council convened on the 2nd August. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss our concerns namely, the nature of the trolling, the reaction of Imperial Command, and how we feel that Polar should move forward.  At no stage was a power grab discussed, and for clarity, no member of the Polar Council has looked for it.  Following this meeting the following part of the Polar Charter was discussed.
“Article IV,Section 5. Imperial Succession”
If the Council believes the Emperor is no longer able to perform the duties required of the throne by the charter, the regent OR one of the sitting ministers may convene a meeting of the ministers, deputies, and Imperator Emeriti that are available.  The meeting holder should make best efforts to include as many of these individuals as possible. At this meeting, the meeting holder must put forth a motion to remove the Emperor. Should a super-majority, defined as 75% + 1 of the total attendees, support the meeting holder's motion, then the Emperor is to be considered removed. Should the motion succeed, one of the present Councilors, Regent, or Imperator Emeriti shall assume the throne after a simple majority defined as 50% + 1 confirming this. Should the motion fail, the entire Polar Council will automatically offer their resignation to the Emperor, regardless of their individual vote on the motion.”

The Polar council and supporting Imperator Emeriti have agreed and signed this motion, we believe we have 75% + 1 in favor.

The New Polar Order has always stood by its morals and been a beacon for justice and doing the right thing. Allying ourselves with folks such as Non Grata is not the right thing. This action failed to create a positive and safe environment for [i]all[/i] of our members. The New Polar Order has proudly been a friendly environment and one meant to be safe for individuals of all ages allowed to be on the Internet without parental supervision. Actions taken place by Imperial Command do not provide that.

It is with a heavy heart that we the Polar Council and select Imperator Emeritus sign this letter to note our displeasure with the actions taken by Imperial Command since retaking the throne we request that you step aside so new leadership may lead Polaris in today’s Cybernations. Again, we thank you for everything you’ve done and still want you a part of our community and your voices heard as Polaris moves forward, but it is time to hear them solely from the Imperator Emeritus mask once more.

For the purpose of clarity, independence, and stability in Polar, the Council has nominated former Emperor, Electron Sponge, to succeed as Emperor.


The Polar Council


Imperator Emeriti






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To Grub and Eatem.


As I mentioned to you both, I have the greatest of respect to you both.


Good luck in you future endeavors, withir it be with Polar or elsewhere.



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Every global war sees some alliances get caught in the middle. I remember enduring that same experience with Aurora Borealis during Karma. It's a miserable position to be in, and I have great sympathy for both the administration that entered the war and this one as well.


Incidentally, it's ridiculous how many noteworthy people Polar has to call up to service. o/ Sponge

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19 minutes ago, SeaBeeGipson said:

That's an extremely heavy accusation there. I'd hope any information like that would be shared with NG Government...


Same. Heck, with general membership. I, for one, would like to see it. 


Glowing beers on me for Eatem and Grub.

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11 minutes ago, Lyanna Mormont said:

To New Polar Order, it was my complete understanding after talking to Jaden and Eatem that this was resolved since nothing else has been said on the matter and Jaden and I talked everything out. 

Tonight was the first I've heard of this incident, but judging from the screenshots the matter was resolved.  I wish Polar the best during this transition.  Eatem it was nice getting to know you better in these recent times.

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Hope you guys sort things out, you certainly aren't in an enviable position right now. Welcome back Sponge.

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40 minutes ago, Sarkin said:

Incidentally, it's ridiculous how many noteworthy people Polar has to call up to service. o/ Sponge

We call ourselves to service, for that is our purpose. To serve the community in whatever form it takes, whenever it is required, and even if it is unpleasant.

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This is not the venue or the place to litigate the highly sensitive content of the specific allegations made in the OP. The OP has been edited to remove the reference to these allegations. Any further posts containing logs that address these subjects/allegations will be warned. Please report violations of the ToS/ forum rules to the staff. 

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I've always had a soft spot for Polar, and EaTeM and Grub are good people. Then again so are Sponge and Random and so many others. As much as I enjoy a war I hate how getting caught in the middle of this one has impacted Polaris. But I know everything will work out for you all whatever the bumps may be.

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1 minute ago, Stewie said:

Eatem, you and Grub are welcome anytime my friend

Do you have any nation building programs or anything?  I only have 28Mil casualties...  Is that enough to qualify?

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