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The 18th War of Argent Relevancy stats (not done particularly well)


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More stats, why not?


Individual stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/wf8qzJR.png


Alliance stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/T7pdXLa.png


Dumpster stats:



Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/ctFMl9b.png


As always, if you are having a hard time opening the images, feel free to reach out to me and I can provide full quality ones and/or the source tables.

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Individual stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/nccf8Xd.png


Alliance stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/aXYdRvE.png


Dumpster stats:



Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/eXzb9rn.png


As always, if you are having a hard time opening the images, feel free to reach out to me and I can provide full quality ones and/or the source tables.

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Posting another update quickly because I'm trying something new, basically combined the dumpster and alliance images into one, hopefully removing some bloat in the process. Added a "activity score" (too many scores to be honest), that just measures how many nations are currently fighting in an alliance, and if not, how long ago was their last war. This is a scale of 0 to 1 (example: CRAP has 0, no one is fightning, MONGOLS has 1, all of their nations are currently fighting).


Should be easier to see for mobile users now.


Individual stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/TWzfm9t.png


Alliance stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/CKjNqXY.png


Let me know what you think.

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Lets all agree to end this war once @AL Bundyreaches 100 wars


Reverted some of the previous changes, so sorry about not showing change from the last report for the alliance stats this time around, will be back next time! (just pretend your alliance is doing great as always)


Individual stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/HNRZrSq.png


Alliance stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/pWJfpK6.png


Dumpster stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/Q4mwLtg.png


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3 hours ago, Bionic redhead said:

I just want to know how @Midget Landmanaged to do only 1 damage since the last stats were posted.

Midget Land, with a lot of planning and tactful strategy, was able to send an elite group of special warfare operators that skillfully acquired ONE mile of land from an opposing nation without destroying any infrastructure, battling any soldiers, and avoided disrupting the technological advancements of the nation invaded. Truly a spectacular move.

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One more stat update coming your sometime around Christmas (probably on the 24th). It was an interesting experiment - let me know if you wanna see anything else


Individual stats:



Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/aiLxfgx.png


Alliance stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/Zxed1Wb.png


Dumpster stats:




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/NXTE8nD.png

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OK, final stats update as the remaining wars expire after today.


Since most wars are done and rebuilding has begun, I'm not going to bother posting NS or infra stats since those are wonky. Fortunately, Piejonk captured a pretty timely snapshot of the NS portion last week, at least.


Tech is a much stickier stat, though, so that's still of interest. Also, I did actually collect the stats a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post them, so the % change (2 weeks) column should be accurate.


Coalition Alliance Nations Tech % change (2 weeks) % change (overall)
Hegemony NPO 193 4,574,613 0.36% -21.85%
Hegemony IRON 135 2,954,814 -1.79% -13.10%
Herogasm FTW 109 687,748 -1.71% -64.75%
Hegemony CLAWS 92 918,886 -1.81% -42.57%
Herogasm The Legion 86 397,842 -1.27% -62.56%
Herogasm NpO 82 403,110 -7.17% -50.52%
Herogasm NG 80 238,285 -5.90% -67.40%
Herogasm NATO 47 336,890 -8.74% -60.57%
Hegemony GATO 48 601,685 1.44% -5.24%
Hegemony DT 35 573,812 -5.85% -33.06%
Hegemony VE 36 303,693 -0.55% -53.95%
Hegemony Argent 40 493,669 1.04% -12.14%
Herogasm Sparta 36 133,419 -3.14% -66.59%
Hegemony DBDC 13 653,555 2.23% -14.85%
Herogasm CCC 35 103,891 -17.81% -64.48%
Herogasm OBR 21 290,054 -1.59% -26.13%
Herogasm MHA 23 160,942 -0.68% -29.05%
Hegemony GLoF 19 272,123 5.72% -9.87%
Herogasm TLR 18 213,341 0.05% -13.72%
Hegemony TKTB 12 36,186 -0.36% -66.97%
Hegemony DS 18 58,461 0.95% -48.89%
Hegemony DW 13 32,434 56.32% -62.90%
Herogasm OG 7 93,173 -0.82% -32.14%
Herogasm MONGOLS 3 8,823 51.70% -76.97%
Herogasm Nordreich 18 165,321 -1.05% -20.18%
Hegemony KoRT 65 789,444 -1.15% -18.54%
Hegemony PGS 38 49,156 -2.47% -62.72%
Hegemony WWF 5 61,222 1.45% -27.19%
Herogasm FAN 21 228,612 0.35% -30.13%
Herogasm Fark 33 187,155 -3.29% -61.96%
Herogasm RIA 19 99,244 -6.90% -62.29%
Hegemony ODN 25 595,993 -0.50% -8.09%
Herogasm CRAP 12 156,440 0.70% -3.08%
Hegemony   787 12,969,746 -0.38% -23.07%
Herogasm   650 3,904,290 -3.44% -53.86%


Of course, when you start off with a smaller number, loss percentages aren't going to favor you. In terms of raw figures, Hegemony alliances started the war with 16,859,027 tech and Herogasm alliances started with 8,461,220 tech. So, Hegemony lost 3,889,281 tech and Herogasm lost 4,556,930 tech over the course of the war, which is a 17% difference.


Thanks for reading, and thanks to Piejonk for joining this thread and improving upon it. Much appreciated, and happy holidays!

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8 hours ago, dev0win said:

@Piejonk Total damage by individual nations would be cool with a war this long! A lot of that comes from starting NS and there's different durations in wars but would still be cool to see!

Pumped for the final stats!


But this is already present in the individual stats (damage done)? Or did you mean something else? 


Ill be expanding the list to basically everyone (500-1000 nations) that participated + some bonus stats. It will probably go up in a few days when I get the means to do it. 

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Because the war ended at different times for different nations, I reversed the "decay" I introduced for sitting around in PM/not fighting. Doesn't make too much of a difference, just a better view of the war overall IMO (nothing changes except for overall war score). Gonna be breaking this down into a few sections, and alliance stats coming soon!


Heres the long list (special top 500 end of war edition):




Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/Y4E9pJ2.png

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Top 100 awards (1st/2nd):


Damage done: 🏆lunar146 - 1,165,235/Turetel - 1,024,917

Damage taken: 🏆lunar146 - 861,188/Johnny Mac - 690,320

Damage ratio: 🏆Pulisher - 3.6/srboslav - 3.1

Damage done per tech: 🏆Pulisher - 37.4/King Cyan - 36.0


Offensive wars: 🏆Cydonian Knight - 48/Scytale - 47

Defensive wars: 🏆lunar146 - 49/lilweirdward - 47

Total wars: 🏆Al Bundy - 69/lilweirdward - 66

Wars per week (since alliance declaration): 🏆Scytale - 2.8/lilweirdward - 2.7

Edited by Piejonk
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Keep in mind alliance stats (and a little bit for the nations stats) include some rebuilding, this is basically unavoidable but also why, for example, such a big gain in strength can be seen before and after.






Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/OGwVAzQ.png






Direct link: https://i.imgur.com/z7n0m5R.png

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Alliance awards (1st/2nd😞


Damage done: 🏆New Pacific Order - 23,224,993/Freehold of the Wolves- 19,103,211

Damage taken: 🏆New Pacific Order - 22,654,692/Freehold of the Wolves- 19,825,660

Net damage: 🏆DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE - 3,205,222/Non Grata - 3,191,735

Damage ratio vs alliance (> 10 wars): 🏆Independent Republic Of Orange Nations vs. The Last Remnants - 2.6/DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE vs. Fark - 2.3


Offensive wars: 🏆New Pacific Order - 1,459/Non Grata - 1,090

Defensive wars: 🏆New Pacific Order - 1,589/Freehold of the Wolves - 1,043

Net wars (+): 🏆Non Grata - 335/Argent - 323

Net wars (-):  🏆Sparta - 432/Christian Coalition of Countries - 382

Alliances to be (+) net damage despite (-) net wars:   🏆 New Pacific Order - 570,301/Christian Coalition of Countries - 15,997

Edited by Piejonk
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Global stats:


NS lost (total/%): 87,418,433 - 34.5%

Infra lost (total/%): 10,997,201 - 42.5%

Tech lost (total/%): 8,512,382 - 29.8%

Land lost (total/%): 4,252,625 - 44.2%

Nations lost: 110

Casualties gained: Infinite


Want to see some other stats? Got some ideas for how to improve this for next time? Let me know! If I get sufficiently bribed I may do this again (when another global conflict breaks out in 1-10 years from now).

Edited by Piejonk
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Major kudos to Piejonk for his incredible work on these stats throughout the war. I always looked forward to the updates for all of the stats, especially the alliance ones, and I think the individual rankings were absolutely genius, especially given the limited data that’s available to build metrics like that on. 

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