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Update on CLAWS - Doom Squad Relations

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Citizens of Planet Bob;


It has come to our attention, via recent leaks posted on the Open World Forum (OWF), that a certain internal opinion poll took place inside Doom Squad.  Well, I do declare, I am shocked and more than a little disappointed.  How dare Lord Hershey actually bother to ask opinions of his membership?


CLAWS is willing to forgive this outrage in exchange for something Doom Squad holds dear.  The blood of their enemies.  Some war slots on Order of the Black Rose and Old Guard should be acceptable compensation.  


CLAWS hereby declares (or recognizes – we are a member of Doomsphere) a state of war with Order of the Black Rose and Old Guard in defense of Doom.






Senator White Chocolate, Back in Blackbird

Tevron, Recovering Democrat, Rising Authoritarian, SBN Card-carrier, Ministabber Expat, Bard of RFI, Beach Summer Fun Buddy

Jazzy95, Supreme Sultan of Grand Inquisition

Bohemond Hauteville, Polaris Spy, Shredder at Large

Wolfman, Shredder of the Interior

ConRed, Advisor of the Interior

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FROM: CN Veterinary Practice

TO: Our Newest Client CLAWS

RE: Appointments


Dear CLAWS: Your individual appointments for onychectomies are confirmed. Please ensure that you do not eat or drink anything before your appointments.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



The Entire Staff of CN Veterinary Practice

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13 minutes ago, Terrence Krillins said:

I'm a little disappointed there wasn't more FL hate in your dow but that's alright, there'll be more time for that later. Happy peace mode monitoring CLAWS!


We'll save it for the cancelation thread.

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