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Update Failed to Reset Certain Things

Lord Hershey

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I’ve noticed that of this update which just took place now, I am unable to:


1. Repurchase two new nukes.

2. Rebuy ships.

3. Conduct new spy attacks. I checked my spy ops reports and I have conducted no attacks as of this update; however, the game tells me I’ve already reached my limit for the day which isn’t possible.


I have not encountered a bug like this personally until now.

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7 hours ago, admin said:

Issue has been resolved. I'll keep an eye on this.

Hi Admin,


Thanks for taking a look into this.


Not sure if this bug will re-occur but one of my opponents were able to conduct six naval attacks in one day. It would potentially appear your fix may have had some oversight or unintended action, see below:



I see that I can conduct 4x additional naval attacks again but I feel since this  bug is unusual and would be construed unfair to my opponents. Clearly, as you can tell, my opponent, took advantage of this potential oversight. 

Again, I’m just checking to see if this naval attack incident is related to the bug above or not.

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