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Shipping out the troops

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On 5/18/2022 at 7:25 AM, Regent Talryn said:

I had 75,000 troops and my citizens were happy.


I bought 25,000 troops. My citizens were happy.


I deployed the new troops. My nation went into anarchy.



When deploying did you get any warning?


My nation has 0 troops and my citizens are "happy" (not completely happy, but no anarchy). If I bought 100 soldiers and deployed 1 soldier my nation would go into anarchy.


AFAIK deploying (or disbanding) your soldiers triggers a check on your soldiers count, if it's too low you get anarchy, which basically works as an event: after three days you can switch to another government without having to buy any soldier first. You don't go into anarchy unless something reduces your soldier count.

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