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Nation Restoration


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Hello to everyone, I've gotten myself into a bit of a situation that I'm hoping someone can give advice in regards to resolving it. I had created a nation a few months ago when I originally found Cyber Nations, though I used it mainly to experiment and learn the basic game mechanics. However, once I decided I very much enjoyed Cyber Nations, I made a new account to start a new nation, this time to take it seriously. 


The nation's name/theme, (Bonayvia) was based around my family's history/culture. Very quickly I met a very nice group of people that were also into adding RP elements into their Nations. I joined their Alliance and was well on my way to advancing quickly. The Alliance gave me a very gracious amount of money/help without question. I read over the rules of the game, and at the time, I could have sworn that in the rules it mentioned being able to have a max of two accounts registered per IP. Me believing that to be the case I never worried about deleting the other original Nation that I had first experimented on. 


However, here recently my newer primary nation of (Bonayvia) was deleted, which is heartbreaking; the older "experiment" nation was deleted as well. I feel terrible with how much advice/aid the Alliance gave me starting out. The Nation was also themed around my family's lineage as an added RP element as I had said earlier. Even if I made a new Nation, I would make it the exact same as before.


With all that being said, I would very much appreciate any advice on whether it is possible to have my nation of "Bonayvia" restored. If there is a way to put in a support ticket or talk to a dev/administrator, please let me know. I apologize for having broken the rules and would be more than willing to let the other account that is registered be deleted completely. Thank you for any help or information in regards to these circumstances.  



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