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[DoW|RoH|DoW|JointOPTT|togaxtoga] RE return to Forum

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Roman Empire makes a return to Forum

I really like this joke.


RE declares war on Ordo Paradoxia

What is old is new again.


RE recognizes hostilities with Tropic Thunder

For hitting us while we were busy, like 2 weeks ago, RE now (very late) recognizes hostilities with TT.


RE declares war on TT

Re already made peace with TT over the RoH, so we are now declaring a fresh war on Tropic Thunder.


RE's war with OP & TT

This stuff never stays clean. Esp when people don't post nice DoW's. Not sure who dropped the ball there. Let's not think about it. I digress.


Roman Empire will declare on OP & TT September 20th, and we're hitting basically all of OP & the top part of TT. We'll then get counters, and hit counters, and then be countered on our counters by counters from OP & TT. In theory.




Sorry if this post doesn't have the same high level of quality & statstacular statistics as we used to know back in the day or that I tried to promise you when I made my first big RE post oh so many months ago.


If you need to blame anyone, don't blame Adude, don't blame FL, don't blame Paul, don't blame DaRuler, don't blame Xavi, don't blame Wile E coyote, don't blame Bundy, don't blame Wes, don't blame Jason08, don't blame Xineoph, don't blame Highroad, don't blame Tevron, don't blame Gearhead, don't blame Ordo Paradoxia, don't blame NLON, don't blame Tropic Thunder, don't blame Hellas, don't blame Alpha Wolves, don't blame all the wonderful and not so wonderful mules we all rely on and love;


blame me.

I did it. I wanted you all to know this is my fault.


We will fight until you can forgive me for letting things get this bad. Or until you can stand to look at me enough to agree to disagree.



God Emperor Yoonyul; for Rome & Kiwi, Bane of D1, has not signed off on this post, PLS

Just KiWi - just a humble OWF poster. Included stats only one time. He never scored. SBN, TogaToga

And Paul711; Original Paradoxian, Original Bane of Rome, The hard place & Rock of Rome.

Also Samoyed; The Hershey man himself

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-- I love this and hate it all at the same time -- 


Also I just want to mention that I haven't personally seen an updeclare like this in quite some time, kudos to us Romans keeping it clean. 

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