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URL formatting issue when searching after login expires


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I did a quick look through the bug reports, but I didn't see other mentions of this.  CN's login timeout is short, so I often have a tab open, scroll to the bottom, enter a search term, and click the Search Nations buttion.  The website correctly redirects to the login page.  I successfully log in and the next page should be the search results.  Unfortunately, the search string is malformed/encoded incorrectly, so I have to search again.


This is the URL with the incorrectly formatted search string:



This is the properly formatted/encoded URL:



As you can see, the "&" is not getting converted back to "&" after login, causing the search to fail with a "NO RECORD FOUND" error.  This also occurs when someone shares the URL of other searches, (such as a nation's wars) and you're not logged in already.  I don't have a full list of pages that are affected, but it looks like any page with ampersands in the URL is affected when being redirected from the login screen.  It looks like the search string is getting converted to percent encoding at the login screen and then when it's being converted back, the %26 for an ampersand is getting converted to & and not &.  

Not high priority or anything, but would be a great fix for day-to-day usability of the site. 

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