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Defcon 1[Round 58]

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As the new leader of Defcon 1 for round 58, I wish to declare my victory against the Vitriol of the former leader, BorrowedGun. Through strong leadership, I will transform this new alliance from the tatters of the worst alliance in TE history, to the new and improved, mediocre alliance it was always meant to be. So without further ado, I sceede to the might of the Roman Empire, and declare Defcon 1 to be a vassal state of the Roman Empire, may Adude have mercy on our souls.



And though SquirtGun provided leadership throughout our history, as weak and misguided as it may have been, we must ban him from applying to the alliance. I'm sure hearing of this through the forum is tough to hear, but we're not the worst alliance in te history for no reason. God speed FiredGun.



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11 minutes ago, firingline said:

Honestly, this move will likely bring Defcon 1 back to being a decent, respectable alliance.

Let’s hope so! Although we in Rome didn’t know about Ghosts intention we gladly accept this new and improved D1 with open arms as a protectorate, any attack against this D1 is an attack on RE. Kiwi will make it official I’m sure 👀

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