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Official Haven update.

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After some thoughtful soul searching and a very methadological review of alliances based on our awesomeness rank,


the alliance of Haven


has decided to merge into Sparta, effective immediately. Belongings, including those of the precious sort, will be moved by homemovers in the coming days.


Signed by Haven:
Sir Gunz -  Arch Angel of Haven
Wardoe - Arch Angel of Haven

Signed by Sparta:
Whitetigger - King of Sparta
Tim - King of Sparta

Edited by Wardoe
Photo isn't there, did it wrong
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Looking forward to getting to know the people joining our friends at Sparta.  I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision - it never is.

Regardless, I look forward to the new opportunities this brings.  😁  All the best Haven + Sparta!

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5 hours ago, AL Bundy said:

Merging into a dead aa? Ehhh good luck.




We are all looking out for the end, may as well do it with a few more souls..

Edited by Bob
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