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5 hours ago, paul711 said:

HG I need your help...who do like more... me or Roadrash?

yes please let us in your discord to discuss ???? i miss my  little count 

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3 hours ago, HiredGun said:

Nlon and Skaro (I know you remember them) have also been number 1 then, such an elite club you’re a part of. Congrats! Lol 

I was told to ask you why your nickname is count HG?

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On 5/2/2021 at 7:25 PM, HiredGun said:

You got kicked from D1 gov for leaking, quit acting like a 🤡 lol


Sorry this comment bugged me for awhile but I finally found the thread and it brought my memory back.  

Hoosier was running D1 and wanted me to join them to offer advice. He thought it might help them get to OPs former elite stature. Instead of taking my advice he declares some massively stupid war without even sending target lists out. I, being myself, hit stevieg and a few key friends of his. Hoosier still being clueless tried to order me to peace out with Stevie but I refused. I told fatality I would leave D1 to keep him from any grief and give him some deniability. I never went to OP, I believe I joined Samwise for the remainder of the rd then stopped playing. Memory serves me Hoosier got D1 rolled big-time for his stupidity.

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