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Christendom is Cancelled in Camelot

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31 minutes ago, Tevron said:

Ningal, your little temper tantrums along with promotion of fascistic OOC Ideals has already and will continue to have IC repercussions. Honestly if you're not removed, my own alliance will move to cancel on KoRT because, as this thread so clearly demonstrates, you are a petulant and toxic character that poisons the well of your alliance's reputation and the overall discourse of alliance affairs. The General Assembly condemns such behavior.


My alliance opposes all forms of harassment and the promotion of any IC (or OOC) race above others crosses that line. I hope my allies in KoRT act quickly to cast you into the fire -- and I certainly don't blame CCC for cancelling if you were the reason. 

An honourable stance from my old friends in GATO. Best wishes in all things~ 

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42 minutes ago, Ningal said:

If you "oppose all forms of harrassment", then you must censure Hime Themis (Order of the Black Rose) as well.


His level of harrassment surpasses mine by several leagues.


Unless you are left biased of course.


When Hime Themis is pissing on the reputation of my ally from within I will hold them to the same standard. In this thread you've gone out of your way to personally attack and highlight members of the community you disagree with OOC. Your inability to navigate these lines is perhaps the least offensive of your grievances, but it is in its own right, an indication of the worth of your muzzling.


This is an IC board and the IC discussion regarding this cancellation is seemingly YOUR behavior. Drop the deflections and focus on your own conduct. It is reprehensible and/or the worst trollbaiting act of the year.


I know Ningal does not speak for KoRT, but the lack of direct condemnation for the discussion of Ningal in this thread is undignified and enabling behavior. I am sure some of this has to do with RT's strong belief in individual autonomy but for the broader foreign affairs community this is a line in the sand. I urge KoRT's leadership to rebuke Ningal.

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