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"Their Ally is the Shaytan"

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 The turret of a Security Forces Tank belches a fearsome roar as it blasts the shallow trench hastily carved in the dirt, sending sand and debris flying as the thunderous impact rumbles the ground beneath the jihadis feet. The tank crew observes their hit for a moment, and then continue their movement westward. The survivors of the small squad of Ghurabaa mujahideen arise from the dust, shaken, but undeterred. They spare no second to unpack a prized anti-tank guided missile, brought into their possession by Syrian smugglers. It is promptly deployed, aimed and fired. 

The missile appears to slither above the sand like a snake after its target. 3 seconds pass. "Their ally is the Shaytan.." 5 seconds. "Our ally is Allah.." The missile strikes. "ALLAHU AKBAAAAAR! ALLAHU AKBAAAAAR!"  The tank halts with a brilliant flash of fire and screaming metal, its crew most assuredly annihilated. 





Sheik Iklas pauses the video. "Mash'Allah, my brothers. This frontline footage is priceless, not merely for our online recruitment, but to document the glorious history of our jihad."


Commander Quraishi lets out a satisfied sigh, as he swells with admiration for his mujahideen, "The lions of Mosul have reportedly finished off the fleeing remnants of the MSF, just outside of Tal Afar, and given effective free range to our fighters over the desert." Sliding his finger over the geographical map on his desk, "My latest assessment:  Our numbers have doubled, with the stream of foreign fighters entering our territory following the first reported successful plane landing in Mosul since Allah granted us victory.  In the West, Tal Afar is ours in the aftermath of this praiseworthy showdown. To the North, our forces have brought artillery to the field for the first time against Duhok, which is expected to fall within hours and we have requested the submission of many villages of the North Tigris in expectation of this. And finally, to the south. Bakhdida has surrendered at the first sight of our lions, following news of Mosul. Alhamdulillah."


"Allahu akbar." The American-born Muslim convert, given the moniker 'Mujahid Mack', and easily identifiable by his ginger beard, rose to speak, "We've compiled our footage edits into a files cache and are dropping them via burner accounts all over social media. It is my pleasure to serve the cause of Allah in this humble manner. Our Media Department is bringing the roar of the lions of tawaheed (faith in the Oneness and Lordship of Allah) to the world."


Sheik Iklas grabs the American's shoulder, "You lead the Media Department like a true servant of Allah. The Shariah Council is preparing documents we'd like you to add to this file cache to increase knowledge of the Haqq among our Ummah. Their feedback leads me to believe many of them are inspired, but are held back by the lying tongues of their so-called Scholars. Turning to face the rest of the men present, "Make no mistake, brothers, 'Moderate Muslim' is a munafiqeen (hypocrites) sect. It is an insult to the Prophetic Practice. Wallahi! Wallahi, we will burn it from the face of this dunya (world)!"

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Let the Scholars Beware


The mujahideen of the JGJ blitz across the battlefields of Northern Iraq, putting the fear of Allah into the hearts of the inhabitants of all faiths. But, even as the 'flag of the Prophet' is raised in village after village, a new front has opened up against the Ghurabaa's jihad. This cloud of war now forming against them is the war of ideology, and Sheik al-Iklas with his Shariah Council now martial their forces for a new confrontation, leaving civil governing to the newly-formed Provincial and Religious Councils to deal with.


Rumors from Baghdad suggest that several established Scholars of Islam have reached a consensus against the Ghurabaa, their form of Jihad, and approach to the religion known as 'the Prophetic Practice.' Their pupils in the city of Erbil have already launched a campaign to discredit the mujahideen, labelling them Khawarij, that is, an ancient violent Muslim sect. Sheik Iklas brings the fresh resources of the Ghurabaa to bear against these scholars with a series of broadcasts, resuming his sermons for the first time since the beginning of jihad. 





"In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Say O Prophet, He is Allah, the One and Only;

Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;

And there is none like unto Him. Ameen." (112. Surah Al-Ikhlas)




"If one of the Sahaba (disciple) were alive today - insha'Allah they would join us- But in the type of world you (Scholars) would settle for, they would beg Allah to take away their soul. They would REFUSE to lead the life that many Muslims such as yourselves are happy to lead. It is with such comforts that the men- no, the LIONS of Islam - break with, in order to go and fight for their brothers and sisters in the cause of Allah. You would slander the man who leaves everything behind, departing from his home and his family who love him? These are the ones whose feet fit snuggly within the footprints left by the Sahaba. These are the ones who cannot stand to watch the humiliation of Muslims and the affronts to Allah. These could not sleep soundly at night and neither could they relax during the day knowing such a situation has persisted with which Allah is displeased. How long has Iraq been in anarchy? How long has the Ummah been without a Caliph? You have not counted the days. They pass you by like the wind off the butterflies wings, unnoticed. While we, by their increasing hardships, have remembered them well. Just as Allah has these days numbered and He knows the Last Day. (reciting the Quran) 'maliki yawmid deen' He is the Master and Judge of the Day of Reckoning. 


This Ummah (Muslim people) is under a fitnah (state of chaos) over their lands, and over their religion, but within the grand Mosques of Baghdad you wouldn't be the wiser. From the tongues of these lofty 'Scholars of Islam' - wallahi, they are the Ulema (learned ones) of evil -  you hear nothing. Except for now, they slander their brothers in jihad. Because we remove local tyrants who are clearly of taghut (false idols) they say 'You are khawarij! You are khawarij! Taking a sip of their Italian wine, 'You are khawarij!' Their tongues do not fear Allah. These men have been handed titles, certifications and power in this time when the Muslims are being brought low. Indeed, the only title they earn is Fusaaq (corrupt)! The truly certified are those Muslims who are tried by the fire of persecution in these days. There is no power in the esteemed men who take from their Ummah who suffer, and Allah will reverse these roles for them! 


Open your Quran.


Surah An Nisa verse 76 Allah subhanahu Wa Ta'ala (May He be praised and exalted) says 'Believers wage jihad for the cause of Allah, whereas disbelievers fight for the cause of the Devil. So fight against the Shaytan’s forces. Indeed, the Shaytan’s schemes are ever weak.'


You believe this is a book of bedtime stories? Let us continue.


Surah Baqarah verse 166 and 167 'Then with those who are followed will disown those who follow them. They will see the chastisement and all relations between them will be cut off. And the followers will then say: “Oh if only we might return again, we would disown them as they have disowned us?” Thus Allah will show them their works in a manner causing them bitter regrets. Never will they come out of the Fire.' 


To those kaffir (infidels) who will fight alongside of the taghut: It is not difficult for the average person, let alone a Scholar to identify who such rulers and followers would be. So, oppressors bow and repent of your sins because your destiny is the Hellfire and those who follow them will indeed follow behind them to the depths. Soldiers, scholars, even idle supporters of these men and man-made systems, beg forgiveness from Allah and overthrow the allies of Shaytan with the swiftness of a sword.


We call you to the jihad on this day, this day which the Lord has made. We surrender that which comes easy in life, in order that we may never surrender to the enemies of Allah. A disbeliever dies every day and will die in torment every day in the Hereafter. But, for the Believer, it is but once to die, and then the Gardens of Paradise."


The Sheik fades out to the sound of an Islamic chant as recently taken video images appear to show Ghurabaa fighters, accompanied by artillery and armored vehicles amassing on the outskirts of Erbil.


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