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The Passing of the Nuclear Football

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Sunday, February 7th, 2021 1 last conference will take place at King Neptunes Bar to confirm the transition of power from Lord Hitchcock to myself. This is a peaceful transition of leadership in hopes that the alliance can move in a new direction under new leadership. This was not a decision made lightly and on his own. We seek only to focus our sights on the future and what’s best for us as a whole. That being said, the following transition of power takes place with a few minor stipulations and rightfully so, stipulations I’m more than happy agreeing to.


1)Lord Hitchcock remains on the AA under a role created for his purpose as a bureaucrat.


2)Lord Hitchcock wants me to keep any ties to current allies as to honor their arrangements.


Now most of you know Lord Hitchcock. Some of you aren’t to thrilled with him while others can tolerate him. I myself have come to understand the man that is public enemy number 1 in 9/10 scenarios. While I will say I don’t always see eye to eye with him I understand where he comes from and hes not a bad guy overall. Hitchcock and I have feuded over the years with our own squabbles, but you come to learn it’s the fun in the game.


With all that being said I didn’t want to make this too long and drawn out. Just look for future updates as we start to get everything sorted out and pointed in a new direction. I hope all is well and looking forward to discussions with all of you throughout my tenure.

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I want to thank and congratulate Lord Darrin for stepping up to the task and taking us in a new direction, he did a fantastic job while leading AM and while serving in KNB.


For friends and enemies alike, I want there to be complete transparency that my role is now more administrative. I look forward to recruiting, building my nation, maintaining  embassies that I like hanging out in and have asked to not be privvy in LDs works, my involvement is to only support the direction he takes us. 


In addition, if somebody can show me how to work on the CN wiki (and not even sure where to start) or another admin role that better serves the community (like some of the cool things gopherbashi did) please let me know.

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