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@Bernie MadoffPlease do not sell at 3/50. That is a very bad deal (for you). You can easily get full deals at 6/100 (which gives you more profit per day), and then at 9/100 after you get the Federal Aid Commission (which should be your top priority).


Please check out https://claws.rocks/ That is the link to the CLAWS discord server. Discord is where all the magic happens.


You dont have to join CLAWS to sell (although I would encourage you to join an active alliance, such as CLAWS), but we have a decent tech selling channel with helpful guides for new sellers.


Freehold of the Wolves also has a good tech selling program. I'm not sure if it's open to outside sellers, but you can ask @Lord Draculea


There are other alliances that are good at buying and selling tech. The top 3 are definitely CLAWS, FTW, and NPO (based on aid slot use)

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