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On 1/12/2021 at 6:03 PM, Tevron said:


While most of the world spends their time reminiscing over our nostalgic and better pasts, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization does the exact same thing, but better. In the last year, a lot (and not a lot) has happened with regard to GATO, especially since today is our big day, our 15th birthday! We can (almost) drive!



What has happened in the last year? Well, during the Snake Eyes War, we had 61 members. Today we also have 65 members -- at least when I wrote this. GATO has remained relatively stable while a lot of the world has floundered around and lost their members to the attrition of the heat death of Planet Bob. In an effort to continue our sustained poaching growth and as the current Assembly Chairperson, I have the honor of bestowing (honorary) memberships to foreigners that tower over the desolate wastes of our world:


First and foremost, I would like to honor happy5214 of The Legion. The Legion themselves have always been a strong and consistent ally to GATO, both in earlier parts of our history and again more recently. The Legion absolutely crushed it on the battlefield of The Snake Eyes War, and have maintained a strong economic and political presence in RFI. Recently, GATO lost the majority of our guides to a combination of poor management decisions in 2018 and the gradual degradation of our forums due to updates. We’ve been working hard to relearn a lot of aspects of the economics of the world (and even learn new ways). In our efforts, we’ve been assisted by the Lord of Hugs, but happy5214 takes the cake as the most frequent asset in our work on this project. His contributions have included even sharing his nation’s private data to be harvested by the abacus wielders of GATO. This contribution, along with his sharing of technology that he developed for The Legion, have gone well past the point of expectation that could be placed on that of an ally. As such, his personal commitment to the Global Alliance deserves recognition, and I am proud to present him the title of Honorary GATO Member, to join the ranks of those outside the alliance that we choose to highlight above all others.


The second award of honorary membership is pledged to be given to Lowsten, or James Spanier as he prefers to be called. James has been a huge help with manners of counsel that step outside of the purview of an ally. On a personal level, he and I have tag teamed, argued with, embarrassed and personally attacked each other on a host of problems that have arisen over the short years of Skyrim: Cybernations Edition. When asked for nominations from my own government with regard to who should earn honorary membership, Mr. Spanier stacked up several nominations. When pressed for justifications, no one could find the words. James is an intangible, an invisible hand on the scale that presses GATO toward being the best alliance that it can be – and he’s subtle about it. Even lacking specifics to pontificate on, it is easy enough for me to judge that Lowsten has rightfully earned GATO honorary membership. We thank him for his contributions to our alliance, a watchful eye that shepherds over my own alliance mates as if they were his. For that, may we not only call him an ally of GATO, but a friend as well.

The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization has seen its fair share of failures and triumphs over the years, but it has managed to persist and remain a constant presence in the international community. Many rulers across Planet Bob once found their home in GATO, and this post is also for you. Thank you for contributing to the legacy of the alliance I hold so dear to my heart. Whether you were on our side or not over the years, it is truly a historic moment for us all as the oldest alliance celebrates its fifteenth year.


Please join us for celebratory drinks here: https://discord.gg/CMsUDQc


"Damn, y'all almost adults." Rumbling laugh. "I tease, been fun spreading fall-out all over the world with you guys. Of all the earths, I think this one is the most hellish I've run into."

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