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Official Announcement from the Imperial Entente's Prince Imperial

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4 hours ago, Groucho Marx said:

You couldn't get me to read IRC logs back in the day and there's no way you're going to get me to read Discord logs today.

Hello interested party!
We here at the Tankobite Literacy Program for Zoomers Who Don't Read Good (Books) and Want to Learn Other Cool Things are slightly confused by this comment, as no where is it necessary to read any 'log's to understand the major point of our program. We have included some testimonials from happy customers who have experienced our program, but they were all ancillary to our announcement. (If you did read the logs in regards to Mr. STQ you would find out some interesting facts about the genre of music known as sea shanties, so perhaps it is worth checking out again.) If your issue is with reading itself in general, and not just of 'logs,' we apologize and perhaps this course is not for you, though we encourage you to think otherwise. Reading is magical!

Hope this helps clear up any issue you had with this announcement. 

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