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The Future of loSS

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Greetings everyone,


We at LoSS have had a great time together, but we have decided that this chapter is complete and it was time to start a new one. After some discussion we have decided to merge into our friends over at FTW. For a period of 30 days from this post members remaining on the LoSS AA are still considered protected under the existing treaty with FTW to give everyone ample time to transition. 

We thank you all for the good times that have passed and look forward to many more good times to come.

-Sir Sexton

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4 hours ago, Master Hakai said:

did there used to be equal signs around the name? like, =LoSS= or was that a different group? either way glad to see u merge with such a great alliance!!!!


I believe the AA you're looking for is =LOST=, who merged to form The Last Remnants.

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On 7/9/2020 at 9:14 PM, Lucius Optimus said:

"Supernova X (SNX) was founded from the merger of MCXA, LoSS, NSF and GDA in 2014 as an effort to rejuvenate four dying alliances"


They are merging on top of merging on top of merging. Behold the state of your world people of Bob!


So....the several-times undead have risen once more to infect FTW?


I support this move.

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