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Dear Sirs:


     I have played since a while Cyber Nations.  I have had a war and was good, but I destroy all my wonders and Improvements. 

Now I will want to restart my country "Soviet Union", ruled by the first president, "Gorbachov" (Nation_ID=586568).


Also I have an account in the Community Forums about my alliance "COMECON", but do not remember my password.


Because of this, I like to have changed my email (registered is rrgrazioso@intelnet.net.gt) but it is an old server and can't access my previous account.


In addition, I would like to register my actual email (rrgrazioso@hotmail.com) but can`t have access beacuse it was registered at Cybernations long time ago, and also I do not remember password or user ID, register or create a new account with my rrgrazioso@hotmail.com email.


Also I have sent a message on Friday to the "Contact Us" button, explaining my case.


Looking forward and allowing restart my nation ASAP with the same infomation:

User Name "Gorbachov"

Nation Name "Soviet Union"

Capital City "Moscow"

Alliance Affiliation "COMECON"


and my actual email address "rrgrazioso@hotmail.com"


In addition, it will be a plus I I could have access to Cybernations Community Forums with my

Display Name "Gorbachov"

and my correct and actual email address "rrgrazioso@hotmail.com"


In advance and looking forward, allowing me to restart and play again.



First President of the Soviet Union



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