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Fark declares peace on CCC

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Fark recognizes that CCC has been feeling persecuted lately.  Therefore, Fark officially declares peace on CCC for the foreseeable future.  This peace includes features such as:

  1. Ending of war declarations that are not recipes
  2. Assistance with nation settings such as DEFCON and Threat Levels
  3. A warm nuclear welcome for all nations in range


Fark hopes that these peaceful new relations with CCC will encourage growth and cooperation between our esteemed alliances.

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I keep forgetting you guys are all waiting on me to make your formal announcements for you. Well I'm sorry to report that CCC and Fark are still very much at war, and officially neither side has offered surrender, peace, or even invitations to the beer review - I went and grabbed some IPAs from my local microbrewery and everything! I did notice that almost half of the 6 new wars Fark declared in the last week were some grumpy old man hitting a few of our pending members for whatever reason, and I assumed it just meant you were already bored, but maybe that's just your way of offering peace? I can't tell, but I'm sure the whole approach is very clever and very meme-y and I'm just not cool enough to get it.

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8 hours ago, Bionic redhead said:

Okay, I am deeply disappointed that lilweirdward did come out of peace mode and didn't declare war on me.

We've got the whole war to meet up again, I thought I'd make a few new friends first


2 hours ago, REALPAL said:

Oh Po 

  • He's not in my range 😪

Feel free to dump some tech and come say hey! The grass is much greener down here in the 50k NS range 

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