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End of the world, or just end of round

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We started some end of round fun


feel free to join


As usual D1 has decided to war everyone for the last few days. Have fun everyone and enjoy blowing stuff up at the end 

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To all my friends and foes, and to those who are neither fish nor fowl, may the pixels burn like 1000 hand sanitizers


I hope everyone has fun bringing an end to the round which has been with us for roughly 0.41% of our lifetime. Oh my...zVrMI9j.png

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I'd like to think this is how Jiros, Scotsquad, and Co.  do things:



Discuss please. 


Also insert Cellfdestruct.gif


Edit: @HiredGun It seems the past two wars the Cult has been at war with D1 it is only me being countered by D1.  I am strangely honored! 


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