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Looking for an alliance

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I'm in the market for an alliance to join, since the last alliance left me high and dry and never bothered to accept me when I applied. Or maybe it should be more accurate to say that they can't complete a basic... what the heck do people do on here when accepting new members? Vetting, or something? Anyway, they never !@#$@#$ bothered getting around to accepting me into their alliance, and I got bored waiting. The leader of Doombird doomcave is the most helpful person i've encountered, but I don;t think they're looking for new members. Since I really would like to get into this game and start dealing in tech deals, economics and the like, i'm looking for an alliance that seriously wants a new member, and can offer a trade circle, actual tech deals, and basic !@#$@#$ protection? You know, all pretty basic things.

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