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Persona Non Grata Magnum Opus

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In the year of our lord 2019, engaged deep in the trenches for over a year, the Holy Father Pope Caustic II had been troubled by recent news. News had reached his ears that a most vile infidel had made a great sacrilege and had stolen the holy symbol of Non Grata. Ever being a man of God, our most holy of fabulous Pope Caustic II had reached out to the infidel furries and kindly asked them to return our holy symbol and to cease and desist, and to remove our holy symbol from their lands that our Lord had forsaken. He was met with laughter and the returned head of one of the carrier pigeons sent to dispatch the parlay. Seeing the desecrated body of one of his holies most beloved pigeons he was moved to tears at this sight. He knew that this insult could not go unanswered, he knew that these disgusting yiffers had to pay the blood price.



(Pope Caustic II Addressing all the Holiest of Holy Warriors across the land.)


Sky Marshal Pudding the Carrier Pigeon was brought out of retirement and was asked to muster the legions of Carrier Pigeons to send out the call to all loyal warriors to the Holy See. A simple message, but a proud message was displayed. Deus Vult. Over the days the carrier pigeons made their ways to the greatest warriors of the land. One by one, they arrived at the Holy See proudly carrying their pigeons on their shoulders and bearing the Holy Flag of Non Grata. On the day of Thursday July 18th, 2019 Pope Caustic II urged his Holy Warriors forward to take back what was rightfully theirs. The Gayroller was rolling out to war.



(Sky Marshal Pudding the Carrier Pigeon speaking to the Legion of Pigeons.)


Sky Marshall Pudding knew that dangerous times were ahead, so she spoke briefly to her Legion of Pigeons before they set off to war. She warned of the risk of being molested by the Furries, but the troops resounded with brave an unanimous coos of war, willing to take the risk for the Great Holy Crusade that had been called upon them.



(Pigeons Marshaling for War.)


Fellowship of the Wolves, you apparently wish to put on your big girl panties and party with the big boys. Your collection of failed alliances that couldn't beat a collection of micros a fraction their size without calling in all of their allies, lets see how you can deal with us.



(Replacement Flag Generously offered by Non Grata.)


Signed, Non Grata



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They're too busy to have warchests too..


You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Land of Lulz. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Last Tax Collection: 7/8/2019 12:00:55 AM Last Bill Payment: 7/15/2019 7:04:39 AM Desired Religion: Christianity Desired Government: Monarchy Threat Level: Severe Tax Rate: 30% Number of Spies: 800 Last Nuke Purchase: 7/1/2019 11:54:11 AM Last Wonder Purchase: 5/5/2019 Total Money: $85,130,550 Technology: 6,936.38 Levels Trade Partners: The Isles Of Juulsta, Astrania, Neprya, Galcorian Republic, Munrovia Secret Aid Sent To: None Military XP Ratings: Army XP: 146, Navy XP: 383, Air Force XP: 313, Intelligence XP: 324 Assigned Generals: Air Force XP Level 436, Army XP Level 164, Intelligence XP Level 92, Navy XP Level 80 Total Aircraft: 89 Aircraft Fighter Strength: 801 Aircraft Bomber Strength: 0 Navy Purchases Today: 0 Navy Vessels: Corvettes: 5 Landing Ships: 11 Battleships: 10 Cruisers: 9 Frigates: 8 Destroyers: 8 Submarines: 10 Aircraft Carriers: 9


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Announcement from Stewie


An urgent Intelligence communique has come through




- - 


For reference, their old flag





Vs their New Flag





Vs Non Grata's Most Excellent Flag designed by me.



So, I put to FTW the following...





And therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Peanut Gallery, I offer the following summation..



This is Chewbacca



He is a 7ft Wookie from Kashyyyk but he lives on endor…  this does not make sense.


Just like FTW




Edited by Stewie
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In speaking with VelocityVIP of Galcorian Republic, who holds the government position of Deputy Archon of Foreign Affairs, I brought up the case of FTW stealing Non Grata's Flag.


Here he clearly admits that during the design phases, an individual had pointed out that this flag did in fact resemble Non Grata's Flag, but those concerns and legalities were dismissed.







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3 minutes ago, Tankobite said:

Velocity is the one saying it's just the old flag turned sideways

 And I am telling you that the flag that I posted is the flag that we were using until we changed it to our current one. 

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9 minutes ago, Smitty256 said:

 And I am telling you that the flag that I posted is the flag that we were using until we changed it to our current one. 

Who cares? He's just as wrong either way.

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Just now, Tankobite said:

Who cares? He's just as wrong either way.


My point is that he was referencing a flag that we haven't used since we were the Fellowship of the Wolves. I was correcting him.

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