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The Legion of Small Superpowers

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The Legion and LoSS have just recently interacted; however, in the hope that they might one day become closer allies, we are putting forth the following treaty.

Section 1. The League of Legion

We will maintain a friendly relationship and promise not to attack each other's nations. In the event of an unintended breach, both parties will work to rectify the error.

Section 2. Defense of the Superpowered Host

Upon request from a signatory's leadership, we reserve the option to come to the defense of our allies against attack. If the alliance who was asked to defend their ally chooses to do so, the Superpowered Legion shall be forged. The choice to defend our ally is encouraged but never required. We may also choose to help alleviate the suffering of our allies at their request for foreign aid, but we may refuse to do so.

Section 3. To Create a LoSS of Unexpected Attacks

In the event that information is obtained about a foreign aggressor, we may choose to share that information with each other.

Section 4. Cancellation

In the unfortunate event of a cancellation, the party that wishes to end the relation shall privately give 48 hours of notice to the other party.

Signed for The Legion:

Deathbiter, Imperator
Happy5214, Consul of Economics & Internal Affairs
Thomond, Consul of Defense & Foreign Affairs
CodFCS, Elected Imperator Emeritus
Totem, Elected Imperator Emeritus


Signed For LoSS:

Trinity- Sir Sexton, Flygirl, and ButtonyMeteor53

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Friends are good!


o/ Legion

o/ LoSS

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