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Dragons have CLAWS


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Dragon’s Claw


Article I: In its Grasp

Argent and CLAWS agree to play a game together. Both alliances shall respect the cards in each other’s hand, and will respect the strategies employed by the other. 

Article II: Mana Cost

Both players are aware of the mana required to perform actions, and shall refrain from attacking actions against each other to preserve mana and friendship. 

Article III: Triggered!

The ability of this card will be triggered should either player be attacked. 
"When" one signatory declares war, the other may choose to activate this and enter alongside them.

Article IV: Uncommon Rarity

A friendship of this magnitude is uncommon. Both players agree to protect the interests of the other and to maintain open channels of communication. Spying on one another shall not be permitted, and both alliances will share information should they learn of threats against the other.

Article V: Dragon’s Claw

“If there is a fire that never ceases to burn, it surely lies in the maw of a dragon.” -Sarkhan Vol Should the love between Argent and CLAWS cease to burn, A week notice is required to cancel this treaty.

Signed for Argent,

The Great and Powerful Emperor of Argent - Lowsten
Regent - trimm

Minister of Internal Affairs - IMP REBS
Minister of War - Gingervites
Minister of Finance - KiWi
Minister of Communications - Janax

Signed for CLAWS,

Co-leaders: White Chocolate & Jazzy95

Grand Inquisitor: Randalla

Minister of Defense: Daeg
Minister of Economics: Jazzy95
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Claude
Minister of Internal Affairs: Magical Muslim


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