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Imperial Decree - New Polar Order


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It is time to pay for your mediocrity.  It is time to be cleansed in blood, your own maroon blood.  It is time to die or die trying.


For too long alliances have paid lip service to their obligations, they want a right to free existence but seem unprepared to do anything to ensure their existence at all.  It has been a long time since you arrived on Maroon, at the pleasure of the Polar War Machine, and what have you done?  The time has come to ante up, you clearly have not taken your opportunity, fading so far into insignificance that only one brave nation found the courage to repel the Non Grata menace that had come to the door of SUN and TTK.  You are unworthy of being on a color and having a vote, you are unworthy of being an ally, you are just unworthy.


If you won't defend your allies, will you defend yourselves?  Your track record says no, but this is the end, maybe you can arrange a whimper?


The time has come for you to reach your final destiny, total destruction at the hands of those you hate the most.  We will not rest until you are cast adrift, friendless, homeless and clueless.  We are so close already, one down, two to go.


Tonight the New Polar Order chooses to bring violence to your door, The New Polar Order chooses you NADC.  It is time to cleanse the Maroon sphere of the stain you have become.






Regent & Imperator Emeritus, New Polar Order

EaTeMuP - Emperor
bdmon75 - Minister of Peace
Quantum Leap - Minister of Love
bluesam3 - Minister of Plenty
HannaH - Minister of and for Truth.


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3 hours ago, AlmightyGrub said:

Except he hit someone who wasn't attacking an alliance mate... whilst cool and all, it will hardly help their cause.  Rotten to the very core, leaderless and directionless, this is the NADC we know and hate.

 i even tried to get him to hit me …. had to put one of his generals to sleep 


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The ancient texts say the unworthy must be sacrificed to almighty Admin in the final days of Planet Bob so that only the worthy still stand in the final moments.  We sacrifice the unworthy NADC, cowards, weak, inactive and slovenly to almighty Admin.  May Admin have mercy upon NADC souls, for Polaris will have none upon its nations.  

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2 hours ago, AlmightyGrub said:

Another day, another 20 bombers gloriously die trying to make a difference.... I know it is not hard, but maybe it is.


Also the first peace offer... seriously, a few days in and you are already out of cash? 



No, they're all in anarchy except their hippy. 

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