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An Apology to NPO and Vow for Action

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Throughout the history of The Grand Confederation, we have had problems with nations abusing our AA to declare war upon other alliances, from smaller alliances than we, or powerful alliances such as the New Pacific Order. Throughout the raids, FurqanTheReformist had represented the NPO government and had worked with TGC and her government closely in order to resolve these situations involving the two alliances, for well over a year now. Furq has worked with TGC for a total of 12 issues of raids, each of them previously resolved in a peaceful manner. Furq has recently pointed out to me that this problem has become too chronic for NPO to tolerate and demanded that I take satisfactory measures to alleviate it.

As the standing President of The Grand Confederation, I would apologize for my failure of immediate response over the issues of raiding of NPO. As my previous mention of not endorsing harm to passive Micros, I would neither want to endorse harm to major alliances such as NPO. It's an alliance I, or The Grand Confederation as a whole, would never have a grudge against, rather the raiding nations that keep antagonizing NPO against the TGC through their wanton abuse of our AA.


To return the New Pacific Order's kindness and patience with us (through the representation of Furq), I would like to announce that The Grand Confederation will now be closed for pending members and if anyone requests to join us as a member, they will have an extensive background check and will be forced to agree to the war policy of The Grand Confederation's Constitution. Furthermore, if it is broken, The Grand Confederation will kick, and ban, the rogue state and will declare war upon the banned state. We are always ready and willing to cooperate, not only with the New Pacific Order government, but any alliances to better deal with terrorist raids that may take place after the abuse of the open and welcoming arms of The Grand Confederation.


LukeDiamondking, President of The Grand Confederation.



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