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The Second Alta Accords




It did not take long for the Arctic man and the Teutonic man, who became one through the signing of the First Alta Accords, to witness war waged against them. Through this, a new bond has been forged; one that can only come to fruition through the spilling of blood for one another.

Gathered once again in the great Nordic halls of Alta, the powers that be of the New Polar Order and the Nordreich, herein referred to as "the signatories", cement their commitment to the prosperity and security of their peoples. In recognition of their newfound bond, the assembled signatories endeavour to cooperate with one another to mutual benefit, as set forth by this document.


Article I - Sovereignty


The signatories of this agreement recognise the right for each individual signatory to maintain exclusive internal authority.


Article II - Non-Aggression


The signatories of this agreement conclude that aggression against one another will not occur, and support or condonement of such aggression will not be tolerated.


Article III - Espionage


The signatories of this agreement assent that spying upon one another's member nations is not permitted, and shall not take place.


Article IV - Mutual Defence


The signatories of this agreement declare that should either signatory become the victim of external aggression, the other signatory will join in the defence as if under attack themselves.


Article V - Optional Aggression

The signatories of this agreement acknowledge that, whilst they are not required to provide military or financial assistance to a party declares war upon a third party, such action is encouraged, and should be pursued provided circumstances allow it.

Article VI - Further Cooperation

The signatories of this agreement reserve the right to provide financial, technological or military aid upon the request of the other signatory for any purpose.


Should the signatories of this agreement determine that they no longer wish to cooperate as outlined above, they shall provide the other party seventy-two hours in advance of the termination of this treaty.

Signed for the New Polar Order

EaTemUp - Emperor

AlmightyGrub - Regent, Imperator Emeritus

HannaH - Minister of Truth

Bdmon75 - Minister of Peace

Blue Sam3 - Minister of Plenty

Quantum Leap - Minister of Love

Alexio15 - Deputy Minister of Truth


Signed for the Nordreich

Keysariyt Hanssen - Kaiserin von Nordreich

Johan Pitka - Kronprinz von Nordreich, Bastard-at-Arms

Phoenix - Reichsbanker

EightiesMercedes - Reichsminister of the Interior

Oro Ibah Aozpi - Reichsgraf

Laidoner of the Einherjar


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Im sure it's totally likely either of these signatories will be targeted by a major coalition. A bold, paradigm changing upgrade! o/


No one asked you to run your mouth teaser steer. Go back to your cave where you belong. You shouldn’t be seen or heard. 


Two great alliances. I’m glad to see this. 

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