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Ground attack after forces returned home

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My opponent returned my deployment at the same time when I was launching ground attack. According to the messages (which I post below), one ground attack happened one second after my deployment was returned.



To: murtibing    From: razgriz24    Date: 10/21/2018 11:58:31 PM

Subject: Forces Returned Home

Message: razgriz24 has attempted to attack your nation with overwhelming ground forces with battle odds greater than 95%. What troops you had deployed have been automatically returned home to prepare your defenses. If your opponent maintains greater than 95% battle odds and attempts to attack you further today you will not be able to retain any tanks that you may purchase. To avoid automatic redeployment of your forces in the future you must keep enough defending forces to maintain adequate defenses at all times.



To: razgriz24    From: murtibing    Date: 10/21/2018 11:58:32 PM

Subject: Battle Report

Message: You have been attacked by murtibing.

You lost 0 soldiers and 144 tanks. You killed 0 soldiers and 0 tanks. Their forces razed 0.000 miles of your land, stole 0.000 technology, and destroyed 0.000 infrastructure. Their forces looted $0.00 from you and you gained $1,007,200.00 in your enemy's abandoned equipment.

In the end the battle was a Victory. Any existing peace offers that were on the table have been automatically canceled.


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