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How to Cure an Infection

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The PENIoS has learned that the alliance known as Ordo Paradoxia has contracted a Virus known as Themadstork.  The PENIoS does not want this Virus to spead, as having a virus in The PENIoS would not be a pleasent expierience.  Symptoms of Themadstork inclue:


-Yellow, white, or green discharge from your genitals


- Pain or burning feeling when you pee


- Pain or swelling in your genitals.


There are several potential methods used to treat this Virus.  Some might recommend antibiotics. Others might use a more barbaric method involving leeches.  However, The PENIoS knows the only true way to cure a burning Virus like this and prevent it from spreading to other partners is with its own kind of burning agent:  Nuclear Fire.


The PENIoS hereby declares war on Ordo Paradoxia, and hopes we can have a consentual war without any dirty ops.




All Six Inches of The PENIoS

Harry Sak


Towering Erector

Lance of Love

Beef Whistle

Drunkard Grave

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