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Apology to the community TIE and LoM

The real Big Money

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Hello, I'm big money nation. You might have heard of me from the Cobra Discord or Kashmir and Freehold of the Wolves discord. I'm here to apologize for being a general nuisance and a pain in the ass to people. I have started long chat wars that have gone on for way longer than they had to and I have fueled the long chat wars with insults degrading comments threats and general toxicity that is was not needed. I have stained my image by being toxic and making crude and bad nazi jokes which were taken out of context and used to label me as a Nazi. While I agree that I did say I was a Nazi and I beat up immigrants for fun it was never meant to be taken seriously. I have some dark humor and at the moment I thought it was funny. Again sorry for having caused unnecessary trouble between alliances and players.


I specifically wanna apologize to ComradeMeiyuuhi for risking having you get hit by Kashmir due to my insults against Kashmir. I wanna apologize to Canik for worsening FTW's relation with cobra and your reputation among Cobra. I wanna apologize to LoM and Lucius for conspiring to take revenge on Cobra.


In general, I'm sorry for having caused trouble that was not needed. Destruction not earned and wars that were not necessary.  Before I end my apology im swearing that I will not in the future take revenge against Cobra TIE or any alliance from this moment on. This will be the end of my apology.


On another note like I mentioned in the apology im, not a Nazi. I don't hold any extremist views and I'm not interested in IRL politics either. I know the messages you've seen are cruel and rude but they came in the heat of the moment. I am my self from an immigrant family and ive dealt with Nazis or extreme right-wing people in the past and they have not been nice people at all. Prejudging me based on my background. If you'd like screenshots of where the Nazi accusations came from feeling free to message me on discord Big money nation. #6394


Big money signing out. Have a good one. 

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