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Erecting a New Alliance

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This is the official DoE for The People Eating Nothing Instead of Substance alliance.  The People Eating Nothing Instead of Substance alliance (henceforth known as The PENIoS) is consisting of six inches of the strongest and thickest nations formerly of the IRON:TE alliance.   After attempting to create and maintain an offshoot of the IRON alliance on Planet Steve, IRON:TE just ran out of stamina. Unfortunately, there was no little blue pill to help make IRON:TE last longer, so it was time to be born again.


While The PENIoS may seem like a micro on the surface, we are growers, not showers.  With 75 days and 150 million, we are going to show you just how hard we can hit it. Our nations will be endowed with load bearing missiles the likes of which will make all women want them and all men jealous.  We cannot wait to shove our nuclear packages down each and every one of our enemy’s throats. Here is a preview of our massive rockets:




But that is just the tip.  The PENIoS plans to smash everything and everyone in sight.  Each target we see will be bent over and thrashed with our might.  We will lay the nuclear pipe bombs and hit it but never quit it. The PENIoS wants each and every escapade to be clean and with our SDI’s we will have protection.


Every now and then something cold comes along, and will cause us to shrivel up and turtle.  Be warned all of you flag runners that any unwanted advances on The PENIoS before taxes are collected will result in a turtle (looking at you D1-everyone knows our rulers have the real Big D).  No casualties for you.


The PENIoS is ready to have a HUGE round.  Oh god, We are gonna come for you.





All 6 Inches




Sister Midnight



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