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The Brewers Sucks Accords

Duke Nukem

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Brewers Sucks Accords



The Independent Republic of Orange Nations (henceforth IRON) and Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (henceforth GATO) agree to these honourable accords.


Article I: Another Catnap, the Irony!

In commemoration of August 21st, 2006, IRON & GATO will not attack each other, and will attempt to seek peaceful resolutions for their problems through the healthy medium of walls of text. Both alliances agree not to roll Brewers for using @everyone too much, probably.


Article II: A & B
I think this is the clause where we normally talk about maintaining CNtel accounts, but I think it’s probably down? IRON & GATO (Henceforth IG-88) agree to share their consciousnesses, especially in regard to those things that could cause problems for either party, short- or long-term.


Article III: Inessential Redundant and Superfluous Claws Clause

IG-88 can attack or defend itself from other entities.

Article IV: Ironing it Out

In six meownths IG-88 shall meet up again. If we’re still admironing each other we should upgrade, maybe buy a shiny new comb or I heard something about carbon baths...


Article V: Magnum to Eighty-Eight

Either partition of IG-88 may tear this up, but it will certainly also tear up our cold metallic hearts. 48 hours notice is required, and 48 hours of additional effect is just common courtesy gents.




The General Assembly

Assembly Chairman: WANA

Deputy Assembly Chairman: Laserwolf

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tevron
Minister of Defense: Dre4mwe4ver

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Wes

Minister of Finance: Dragonsphyre

Advisors: Levon, Greywall, Crv24




The Warrior, President, IRON Councilor

Rhizoctonia, Secretary of State,  IRON Councilor

Blade 619, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor

Hertt, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor

Mandarijn, Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor

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Hey, it's a PIAT. This makes me feel not so much like 2012 as 2008.


I recognize most of the GATO signers, don't recognize the IRON signers except for The Warrior. This is actually a good thing, because Warrior is alright and most of the people I knew from IRON weren't. Good luck to the GATO guys, I always liked you lot.

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On 9/19/2018 at 11:04 PM, darkfox said:


Sorry, you guys are doing something? Hard to notice such small annoyances.


Haha it was tongue in cheek with Brewers, we’ve fought a bunch of times back to back.


On 9/20/2018 at 12:26 AM, Masterchief777 said:

You can't be a former mi6 member and then talk to us about making better choices. 😕


Au Contraire it makes me an expert on bad decisions and !@#$%* alliances.

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