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Santa CLAWS is Coming to Town

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Santa CLAWS is Coming to Town


I. So be good for goodness sake!


The undersigned parties agree to coordinate holiday logistics and preparations together to any perceivable mutual benefit. Each recognizes the other's sleigh and workshop.


II. Gonna find out who's naughty and nice


Should any of Santa's elves uncover plots to sabotage Santa's workshop or locate any naughty children deserving coal, the other signatory will be informed.


III. You better watch out


Naughty children get coal nukes. In the event either party is attacked the other will provide military, economic, and/or diplomatic assistance.


IV. Santa CLAWS is coming to town


Should either signatory wish to deliver glowing-green presents, the other is welcome, but not obligated, to assist.


V. You better not pout


If either of the undersigned parties wishes to terminate these accords they must notify the other of their intent to cancel. All the above articles will remain in effect for a week following notification of cancellation.



Signed for the New Pacific Order,


Lord of Darkness,
Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Prophet of Orion
Shadow of the Order


Jesse End,
Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order


MariMassa, DeathAdder, and Emperor Ice
Imperial Officers of the New Pacific Order



Signed for CLAWS,



White Chocolate & Al Bundy


Minister of Defense: razgriz24
Minister of Economics: Jazzy95
Minister of Foreign Affairs: claude
Minister of Internal Affairs: Magical Muslim
Grand Inquisitor: Randalla

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