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A Farewell to Arms


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This is one of those posts I never thought I'd have to write, not necessarily because I never thought it would happen but more so because I never thought I'd find myself at the helm of the ship that is NG. It's been a wild ride these last 7 years, I've met and worked with some truly amazing people in this game and cultivated some great RL friendships that will long outlast the remainder of my time on Bob. It's with a somewhat heavy heart that I'm announcing our retirement from CN. Our withdrawl from Oculus has been conveyed to the relevant parties. Our treaty partners have also been notified (albeit in a very late fashion, yet another reason why we're done, we just don't have time anymore).


I'd like to thank 2 alliances especially for helping make NG as awesome as it's been.

  • NoR, you guys are the most amazing and dependable crew we ever could have asked for. Your willingness to always throw down next to us has been truly appreciated over the years. I'm glad you're now in a solid treaty position that isn't reliant on us, I'd feel terrible about this otherwise. KH, Oro, Redneck, you all are awesome and I'll miss you.
  • TLR, you guys have been just as dependable in helping us stir up !@#$ and start the wars we wanted. Kestral, thank you for always being down to play ball even when the rest of CnG were being pussies. (Osravan this means you)


Other special mentions: 

  • NPO, you guys have been fantastic. I can't thank you enough for all the support you've shown us over the years. Hopefully we've helped you achieve everything you've wanted thus far. We wish you all the best going forward.
  • NATO, I miss Tsayka :(. Thanks for all the help in rolling people over the years, guys. It was truly appreciated!
  • GATO, your helping us hold out against TOP/Polar was pretty epic. Even though we lost, our damage output was nuts. You all have been great :)
  • NSO, you guys were morons, but you were our special morons. ❤️ Thanks for taking it deep with us on several occasions
  • Polar, Grubby I'm going to miss you. We truly made something special together
  • Oculus as a whole, well done gents, we won the game. High fives all around!


I'd like to also take a moment to recognize all the leadership crew, past and present, who have helped craft NG into the amazing place that it was (and still is):

  • King Xander
  • Zoom
  • Arexes
  • MikeTheFirst
  • Old man Derwood1
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Stewie
  • dane0
  • Lord Nettles
  • Abshire
  • ncc
  • Erwin Schrodinger
  • Ying Yang Mafia
  • Tito da farmer (RIP bro, never forget)


It's been 7 years of ups and downs, thankfully more up than down, and one hell of a ride all around. To our old friends on Maroon, keep it safe for us. Sorry we rolled you all so many times, but someone had to keep things interesting, right?


This leaves us with one final task to do, one last mission to complete. We won't win, but we have nothing left to lose and a very deserving target. IRON, our relationship with you has been complicated to say the least. We have no quarrel with most of your current leadership, TheWarrior did his best to make amends for you completely !@#$@#$ us over at ChefJoe's request all those years ago. He hoped to roll NPO, fracture our friendship, then roll you after. You're lucky I'm a pragmatist and didn't bite the bait and arrange for your death after that happened which was his entire plan all along. I, along with my amigos had a heated and lengthy discussion about what to do in the aftermath of that betrayal and common sense won out, but we didn't forget. You never did face punishment for that betrayal, and while we accepted the apology because we had to, we never forgot the knife in our back. Tonight, that punishment comes for you. Your current council still has echoes of that past betrayal in Blade and several of your other ministers. This is unacceptable. We're a shadow of what we once were, this won't be an epic blitz, those days are long past.  but we still have some teeth left. Good luck out there, we'll let you know when we're done.


Signed for NG:



Enabran Tain
Emperor Brutus












Lord Caparo











Edit** I almost forgot:


Dear Osravan, $%&@ you.


also Samus is kinda ok

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Non Grata, it's been one heck of a ride. I never thought I would see the day when you post something like this before us, and I never thought I would see the day that we would exist without you, yet here we are. You have been the best ally and the greatest of friends that we could ever have asked for. There's not much more I can say, for myself and on behalf of the Reich, than we've had some fun times, and we'll miss you. To Valhalla, the non-fail variant, until we join you there.


Make sure Nettles knows he still owes me child support.


It goes without saying that, beyond the scope of Caustic's revenge and antics, the Non Grata alliance affiliation is indefinitely protected by the Nordreich. Not that it matters in this day and age.


o/ NG

o/ Caustic

o/ All the other gays aboard the roller

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Even though I've been on the receiving end of many of NG's ass kickings... I've also had the honour of fighting along side you. Overall, I enjoyed every encounter I had with you all, especially Abshire. RIP Tito you beautiful soul.


o/ NG

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We shared a long history, you and I, NG and Polar.  What a ride.


I really enjoyed the whole ride, I love to hate, I love to love.  Who would have thought such a friendship would grow out of outright abuse :P


Ride into the wind, don't piss into it.



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