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The Praetorian Covenant

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The Praetorian Covenant



Sovereignty: In entering into this accord, both the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and The Legion recognize each other’s sovereignty. Neither signatory shall act in a manner which would violate this sovereignty.


Information: Should either signatory come across information that is pertinent to the other or their interests, they agree to share the information with the other signatory.


Defense: A direct attack on one signatory is an attack on the other, and the signatories are expected to provide support to the other through means not to be limited to diplomatic, military, and financial assistance.


Aggression: In the event that one of the signatories undertakes an aggressive war, the other signatory is encouraged but not obligated to assist the other through means not to be limited to diplomatic, military, and financial assistance.


Cancellation: Should it become necessary to dissolve these bonds, the dissolving signatory shall notify the other with their intent, and the treaty will be dissolved after 72 hours have passed. Once dissolved, the two signatories agree to treat each other in a respectable and dignified manner.


Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
General Assembly of GATO

Assembly Chairman, Tevron

Deputy Assembly Chairman, WANA

Minister of Administration: Overlord Wes

Minister of Defense: Greywall

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Dragonsphyre

Minister of Finance: Crv24

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Saxplayer


The Legion

Imperator - deathbiter

Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs- tom the pit leader

Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs- Alexander Kerensky

Elected Imperator Emeritus- Konkrage

Elected Imperator Emeritus- Regent Pancras



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It's been over a decade, I believe, since the Legion and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization shared a mutual defense agreement. We have both gone through multiple tumultuous events since then and have come out different for the experience. It's a good tie to see come alive to this degree again.

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