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The past few years have been trying for the great Nordreich, as they have been for all of Planet Bob. The fire that once burned within us all has now subsided for many, if not extinguished completely. Nevertheless, it is our duty to continue on, to carry the banners and bear the burdens that we do.


In accordance with our own need to continue, to fight, under a leadership both willing and capable of navigating these dark times, our Kaiser and Kronprinz, Oro Ibah Aozpi and Latexi, have declared that they shall be succeeded in their positions.


Presenting the new Monarchy of Nordreich:


Kaiserin von Nordreich,
Keysariyt Hanssen



Kronprinz von Nordreich,
Johan Pitka



o/ Nordland

o/ Nordreich

Edited by Keysariyt Hanssen
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