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AL Bundy

4 Touchdowns in one Cybernation’s Game - Alpha Wolves

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Alpha Wolves

4 Touchdowns in One Cybernation’s Game


Yesterday was officially the Alpha Wolves 4th year on CN!

I’ll make this short and sweet, the Alpha Wolves started out with 2 family members trying to start up a new alliance

and 4 years later we are still hanging in there, just with about 68 more wolves.


I don’t know if we will be here for year five but thank all who made this alliance into what it is today!


I'll list a few names and alliances off the top of my head I'd like to thank, but know there is a ton more.

The Pansy, Jessica Rabbit, Deathadder, Cazaric and all of Sparta, Randalla and her Children, Lord of Darkness, Unruly, Banned and all of SLAP, Razgriz24, Blackatron,

and to all the Wolves over the years - Malakarlian, Ric Rast, Admiral Alexander, Stonewall14, Vdiddy1, tja65, Airindale, DeverDan, dewe48, and the rest of the pack….


What a ride it has been.

Your Women’s Shoe Salesman and High School Football Legend,

Al Bundy

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19 minutes ago, Emperor Khan said:

I love these guys, they're always there for me when I need them.


Here's to another year AW!:wub:

Hugs for everybody!

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congratulations on avoiding any form of adversity long enough to get so big

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