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NADC Government 2018 Term 2

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NADC Government for 2018/2


The NADC has conducted elections for the second term of 2018. I have once again been elected the Secretary General.



The Alliance's Government for 2018/2:


Secretary General – The AmericanRepublic

Internal Affairs Minister – Justinian the Mighty
Dep. Internal Affairs Minister – Beta Panda

Foreign Affairs Minister – Aurelius
Dep. Foreign Affairs Minister – Justinian the Mighty 

Military Operations Commander – The American Republic

Finance Minister – BoSox Nation

Education Minister – GreyOps 


The Assembly Chairman – Aurelius


I'm looking forward to a another great term with these people.

Please feel free to swing by our Discord and get to know us!  https://discord.gg/UzhRJee

Hail Atlantica!


–The AmericanRepublic

   Secretary General

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6 hours ago, The AmericanRepublic said:


House Arrest is dead. Long live House Arrest



House Arrest clearly nuked me a couple of months ago, i must have killed him. LONG LIVE MAINE KILLER OF HOUSE ARREST..... (Revy where are you bby? :wub:)

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