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Applications now being accepted


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Applications now being accepted


 For far to long on planet Bob Micro’s have been little more than gnats. Today we wish them to accept our invitation to bring back a spark to the slow end we all see. We are forming an Alliance of Protectorate States. Where we have no more need than a commitment to enjoy the Bob while it’s still here.


With that being said, the Board agrees that we need to stand up for all the crap that has gone down in this game. We at the Board would now like to introduce the Alliance of Protectorate States and we don’t like CRAP.



Thom98 (THC)

Shavar (THC)

Reaper (THC)

Jonesing aka Cyclosarin (Minc)

General Kanabis (King Cobra)

Lucius Optimus Absolute Ruler of TIE

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22 hours ago, Nobody Expects said:

Atari Fecking Jaguar!


I thought you might like that, good to see you old friend.



1 hour ago, Thrash said:

Amen to this. Good luck guys.


What's up stranger? How are things with you all?

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