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General Kanabis

Micro Kombat 2018

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Today ends the 1st ever inter-alliance fight of Micro Kombat, hosted by the League of Micros.




Blue Corner- arif2016 "the Lazy Nigerian" of COBRA.

Bron Stomp, Three Strikes, and AM-ISX Vet.


Red Corner- Lindskov "the Great Moose" of AM.

2017 Meth wars Vet.


Palestine.png vs. Nigeria.png

:. War Details

About Wars

War Status: Currently Fighting
War Reason: Nigerians are lazy
War Declaration Date: 2/20/2018 10:22:12 PM
War End Date: 2/28/2018
Total Attacks: 99
XP Option: Experience Enabled
  War Declared By War Declared On
Nation Name: Sinine New Nigeria
Ruler Name: Lindskov  message_compose.png arif2016  message_compose.png
Alliance: Apocalypse Meowalliance_statistic.gif COBRAalliance_statistic.gif
Soldiers Lost: 211,632 102,132
Tanks Lost: 16,631 9,754
Cruise Missiles Lost: 0 0
Aircraft Lost: 55 26
Navy Lost: 0 0
Infrastructure Lost: 1,002.52 1,640.02
Technology Lost: 285.60 282.03
Land Lost: 1,094.159 1,862.600
Land/Tech/Infra: 6,076.82 Strength Lost 9,124.08 Strength Lost
Destruction Rank: This war is more destructive than 599 of 989 existing wars.





Congratulations to Lindskov!


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