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Overlord Wes

Making Casualty Stats More Accessible

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Casualties are very important to us in TE [and to a lesser extent in SE], but outside of the top 5 for each category the only way to check rankings is by going through every nation page individually and manually checking their stats.  Adding the stats to the all nations listing [allNations_display.asp] and/or the nation statistics download .zip would make it infinitely easier and even enable stat tracking throughout a round if someone was diligent enough to save the stats consistently.

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Definitely should be added to the war stats downloads as well as an individual search page similar to how top 100 TE nations are listed from previous rounds.


I'd also like to see the other categories tracked in the war stats instead of just destruction, and attack/defend percentage :

Soldiers Lost
Tanks Lost
Cruise Missiles Lost
Aircraft Lost
Navy Lost
Infrastructure Lost
Technology Lost
Land Lost


And navy should be added to the nation stats with the other military items. 

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add soldiers killed stat too. for individual nations. we record soldiers killed for AAs, why not individuals?


granted the AA totals are accumulated by soldiers killed by individual nations while on that AA. and as you move AAs your soldiers killed remain on that AA where you earned them. they do not move with you to your new AA.


your own personal soldiers killed stat would stay with you wherever you go. with the reminder that any nation that deletes during the course of the round has a direct effect on casualty stats on any of his/her prior opponents.

perhaps this too can be changed. I believe many more are now aware of this, albeit nobody has probably witnessed it on a large scale.

I have argued this point in the past when noticing that my casualties had mysteriously deleted until I realised my raids from the start of the round where I would get some casualties then fell away when inactive nations either got raided out to deletion or were legitimately inactive at some stage and dropped out. 


also individual soldiers killed stat is far better than individual attacking casualties stat FYI. essentially you cannot manipulate that. and there is nothing wrong with solid strategy or donating either 😀

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