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Indiana Jones and the Templar of Cats


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Indiana Jones and the Templar of Cats - ODP


With uncertain times and pilgrims to protect from sand fleas, the good Catholic cats of the jungle and Catholics of Solomon come together to ensure a shining future of protection and to protect.


Apocalypse Meow and The Templar Knights hereby sign this Optional Defense Pact in mutual agreement.


Terms of Engagement:


  • In the event that thar be war, it is preferred but not mandated that the attacked party be helped by the other party.
  • Foreign aid, military contributions, diplomatic intervention; these are all acceptable forms of assistance.
  • Neither signing alliance should hold hostile intent for the other, neither in spirit or in the physical.
  • Both parties agree to protect the interests of the other in good faith and solidarity and to maintain communication channels to assure clarity and comfort in both times of peace and war.
  • In the event of communication breakdown, we ask that the delinquent party writes a 4 paragraph fanfic based on the leadership chapter of Robert Heinleins novel Starship Troopers.


Signatures for Apocalypse Meow:

Razgriz24 (aka Nord), First Lieutenant

LandofFreedom, First Sergeant


Signatures for The Templar Knights:

Merick - GrandMaster

Maine - Marshall of Foreign Affairs

Double B - Marshall of Recruitment

Mandystalin - Marshall of Members

Rustikus - Marshall of Defense


Konstantine - Elder Council

King Irwin - Elder Council

TheSlamAnderson - Elder Council

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43 minutes ago, Double B said:

I don't remember signing this... must've been drunk at the time.


o/ TTK

o/ AM


May our friendship be a long and happy one. :D


We were both hammered, u said u would sign if we moved our embassy to jerusalem and we did!!


o/ TTK

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Meow our friendship last unto the ages.

Meow, It took a little longer than we would've liked,

due to government elections but meow that they've concluded, we are happy to see this finalized right meow.

Meow, let's raise a glass to the Kittens!












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