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A bureaucratic system must, by all means, be overthrown in favor of Mayhem. 

Mayhem = Activity

Activity = Community Growth


May those who sit silently today learn to stand with resounding conviction tomorrow!




Join the hub of COBRA activity 

Visit gulag




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19 hours ago, Lyanna Mormont said:

I'm gonna riot if you don't add Big Slime what even is this! 


Lol, the friendly folks over at KNB have been kind enough to donate these memes!



Post edit:






Big Slime has never looked hotter!




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Few micros achieve such notoriety! Most everyone loves to hate these guys, and if you don't?; Well you're probably one of the cool ones. 





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Are you bored of sitting on your mountain of dongs?

Do you long for a Target-Rich environment?

Infra bills getting you down?



Casualties; we've got them.

Bills; they'll be lower.

Gulag; Best Discord Server .

Feared by 25% of Global Population.





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