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TTK Government Update


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Planet Bob,


The Templar Knights would like to announce some changes at government.


Blackatron has honorably retired as MoFa and we wish him the best in his senility. This has left a large hole in our lineup, one which I will struggle to fill.


The current TTK Lineup:


Grand Master - Merrick

Marshall of Foreign Affairs - Maine

Marshall of Defense - Rustikus

Marshall of Members - Mandystalin

Marshall of Recruitment - Double B


To all of our friends and the rest of Planet Bob, please come join us on discord and if we don't know each other well, let's get to know each other better.





Marshall of Foreign Affairs

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6 minutes ago, SeaBeeGipson said:

Congrats on the retirement Blacktron!

Welcome to the world of FA Maine!



I will admit I've led alliances, dealt with FA as a representative to Citadel, been diplomat to alliances, am super active on discord, but never actually held an official FA role :P Oh snap!

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3 minutes ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

Seems you might have some type of grudge against me, but good luck all the same. I hope it works out for you and our issues can be bygones.


I'm a pretty open dude, but yeah causing a war against us can cause that. I think we can both o/ the FCC though.

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Congrats on the retirement Blackatron, I hope you enjoy it! ... you were always pleasant to chat with.


And good luck Maine! Although in all seriousness, you really don't have any shoes to fill. Blackatron governed TTK in one of the worse beat down periods of their existence, so I wouldn't call his political career a 'raging success'... (aim higher)


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Congratulations to Blackatron on finally escaping! It's been fun working with you. 


Congratulations to Maine on his new role (but commiserations on how much of a time sink it will be for you)! TTK will be well served with you in charge of FA. 

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7 minutes ago, Double B said:

o/ TTK.


Congratulation Maine, literally trading out one hero for another.


Congrats to you too my friend, damn I didn't make clear in the announcement Double B is a NEW Marshall of Recruitment, hail the crap out of him too!


I know he's gonna do a great job!  See I'm failing already! :P

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